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Adorning Uniqueness: Exploring the Silver Plated Gecko Ring

24/11/2023 | Heng Aud

Understanding Silver Reactions:

Silver jewelry is renowned for its beauty, but sometimes wearers experience reactions that raise questions. Let's delve into some common queries about wearing silver rings.

Why Does My Finger Turn Black When I Wear a Silver Ring?

The phenomenon of a finger turning black when wearing a silver ring is often due to a reaction between the metal and substances on the skin, like lotions or oils. The black residue is typically tarnish or a reaction product. Regular cleaning of the ring and the finger can minimize this occurrence, ensuring a cleaner and more comfortable wear.

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Will 925 Sterling Silver Turn Green?

925 sterling silver, while highly valued for its purity, can tarnish over time, resulting in a greenish hue. This tarnishing is a natural reaction to exposure to air and moisture. To maintain the original shine of 925 sterling silver, regular cleaning and proper storage are recommended.

Why Did My Ring Turn My Finger Green?

The appearance of a green tint on the skin beneath a ring is usually a reaction between the metal and the acidity of the wearer's skin. This is more common with copper-based alloys or lower-quality silver. The Silver Plated Gecko Ring, being silver-plated, is less likely to cause this reaction due to the plating acting as a barrier between the metal and the skin.

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