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Flower Pendants

16/02/2022 | Trending Silver Gifts

Gaze into the eternal with Trending Silver's pendant necklace. The Balinese artisan uses sterling silver to hand craft the pendant, engraving the precious metal.

The bail is the portion that attaches to the neck wire, and it's what allows that pendant to sit flat. If you don't create a bail, you could still work with it. You could feed that neck wire through your finished pendant, but sometimes it has the tendency to flop around a little bit. Creating this double loop bail makes it lay nicely and allows you a good surface to put on flowers. Each culture celebrates its rich jewelry-making history through specific symbols and styles.

I'd like to see what you can do with a little bit of wire, a few simple tools, and some flowers. When you do make your creation, go ahead and tag Floral Design Institute on social media. That way, all of the Tulip Tribe can see what you've created. 

From delicate buds to bold bouquets, you will discover unique handcrafted artisan designs that showcase the best of global floral jewelry design. Using my jewelers pliers, I'll simply curl that edge around as well. The beauty of doing a neck wire like this is it's totally customizable to the wearer. I can adjust that clasp however it needs to be so that it fits tightly and lays nicely around their neck.

The pendant makes a delicate bell sound, thought to soothe the mother and the baby she is carrying. Some believe it summons a guardian angel, thus making it a symbol of loving protection. Artfully crafted by global artisans. The Met's pieces emulate French and English designs in the use of dark blue enamel set with diamonds and pearls. Enameling was still a little-practiced art in America, requiring the skills of a specialized craftsman.

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