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Secret Meaning of The Cat on The Moon Necklace

22/02/2022 | Trending Silver Gifts


Secret Meaning of the Cat on the Moon Necklace

These Cat Moon Pendants are so cute and precious.

The cat represents tolerance, the spirit of adventurecuriosityindependence, and connection with tone.

The Moon literally moves with us – with you, with me – in a sacred cotillion that unfolds in indeedmetrical cycles mirroring the cycles of your body, the cycles of the crop and growth of shops and trees, the cycles of life. With this immolation, you have the choice of three colors Gold, tableware, or rose gold, and whichever you choose, it ’ll bring a smile to your face and joy to your heart. Adorn yourself with these sweet Silver Cat Necklaces to harness nimble energy and moon magic.


The deeper magic of these Cat in Moon Chokers
The cat asa spirit beast has numerous meaningsPussycats largely emblematize the balance between dualities. This can mean equating light and darkwomanlike and mannishinner and externalaction and rest, doing and being, and so forthPussycats are at ease in the darkness and can see without trouble what utmost creatures and humans can not. Cat energy may be egging you to explore the retired corridor of yourself and the world around you, trusting your spiritual eye to see with ease in the dark.

I'm absolutely charmed by the Moon. Luna is the sovereign of the runs and therefore, she also rules our feelings. It’s from the Moon that great compassion and emotional understanding can arise, and this is what makes Luna such a important godly womanlike symbol. The Moon’s cycle glasses the cycles of life. As the Moon transitions between countries of wholeness and emptiness, waxing and waning, light and darkso do we in a  beautiful, metrical cotillion that’s nowayendingCombine cat energy with the energy of Luna and you ’re in for some true magicWear yourNecklace with Cat Pendant to recognize and celebrate all that’s transubstantiating and evolving within you. May  these amulets serve you well.

I've three colors to offer you Silver, Gold, and Rose Gold. 

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