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Silver Saturn Necklace: The Meaning Behind This Unique Jewelry Piece

02/03/2022 | Trending Silver Gifts

Here are plenty of people who are fascinated with the universe. We devour documentary after documentary on the planets and galaxies and constantly wonder about the science and meaning behind it all and whether there is extraterrestrial life out there. The universe is a wondrous and weird place, that's constantly surprising us.

If you're a fan of the universe's unmatchable beauty, then you'll love jewelry that's inspired by it. Moon, star, and sun-inspired jewelry products are very common and popular amongst women, with jewelry makers creating lots of elegant and delicate pieces. Planets are also becoming a more featured motif in jewelry, with the solar system necklace a popular item.

Not only do these necklaces represent the wonder of the universe and the power of the planets, but they are also intended to inspire the wearer. Planetary necklaces are not accidental, and their design is supposed to be a reflection of strength and aspiration.

If you're interested in purchasing solar system jewelry, then you'll want to learn more about the meaning behind this incredible jewelry piece. At Trending Silver Gifts our Galaxy Collection features several celestial-inspired products, including planet-themed jewelry. We've compiled all you need to know about this beautiful piece and the symbolism behind it.

What Does A Solar System Necklace Represent?

Our solar system is one out of billions, but that doesn't make it any less significant. It is filled with planets, natural satellites like the moon, and smaller stars amongst other things, and gravity connects everything to our main star, the sun.

Our solar system is the only known place to have life on Earth, which makes it pretty special. People are fascinated by the science of the universe and for some, it seems like magic. This is due to the small intricate details and connections that are necessary for everything to work properly.

A planet-themed necklace is a representation of this special design and functioning. It acknowledges how everything in the solar system needs to work well together so that things are in proper order. It symbolizes how the wearer is the central star, or sun, of their own lives, and is an important part of how things in their life work.

Too often we can feel as though we aren't good enough or doing enough, and can experience feelings of self-doubt and insecurity. A planetary-inspired necklace is a way of telling yourself that you are good enough and that you are central to everything going on around you. All events and positive opportunities in your life have occurred due to your own tenacity and confidence.

Each planet on a solar system necklace also represents ability in the wearer. We've broken down all of the meanings of these to help you understand your necklace a little bit better.

The Sun

The sun has an obvious meaning. It's the center of our solar system and the central star that all planets gravitate towards. For Earth, the sun is incredibly important, as it provides life to our planet. Without the sun, many plants, animals, and people would die or suffer.

So, the sun is basically the most powerful symbol on a necklace of this variety. It represents strength and light. However, it also represents positivity and good fortune, since in modern culture it has come to symbolize both of these things as well.


Although Mercury is the smallest planet in the solar system, this doesn't mean it lacks any symbolism. A necklace with a mercury motif is important since this planet is incredibly hard to live on. Therefore, Mercury symbolizes tenacity and strength.

As well as the above, in Roman mythology, the god Mercury symbolized intelligence. A bracelet with a Mercury symbol or motif should help you feel inspired by your abilities of strength and intellect.


Although the symbol of Venus is well-known for representing love, it can also symbolize creativity. A bracelet with this motif on it can help women to explore their own creative ways and find new outlets. As well as this, it reminds women to not only be open in terms of loving others but to love themselves.


Mars is another symbol of strength. The planet itself is most likely to have life living on it, and the Roman god Mars was a representation of perseverance and endurance. For this reason, many people like space jewelry with Mars motifs, since they inspire tenacity within the wearer.


The largest planet in the solar system, this planet represents wisdom and power. The Roman god Jupiter was the king of all gods and goddesses and held the most power. This reminds the wearer of their own power within their life.


Saturn is visually one of the most beautiful planets, with its stunning rings. Saturn represents growth and stability, and the rings reflect this ongoing development in our own personal lives.




Uranus is the only planet not named after a Roman god, and for this reason, it symbolizes originality and uniqueness. Wearing jewelry with this symbol on should inspire you to be yourself, and remain true to who you are.


Neptune was the god of the sea and known for his darker personality and strong emotions. This planet is a blue color, and it represents deep thought, feelings, and emotions. It encourages us to think deeply and feel more profoundly.


Although Pluto is not technically a planet, it features on many space jewelry pieces. Pluto was a god of the underworld, and like Neptune, inspires us to look inward. A necklace with this symbol will encourage someone to explore their identity more and listen to their thoughts and feelings.

The Moon

Again, although the moon is not a planet, it's a common space necklace motif. The moon is the opposite of the sun and is the ultimate symbol of femininity. For a woman's planet necklace, it is common for the moon to be featured, since it is the centerpiece of many other necklaces.

How To Wear A Solar System Necklace?

If you want to own a beautiful piece of jewelry that has multiple meanings in one neckpiece, then a planetary necklace is the way to go. Space jewelry is very popular, and you can get pieces that are elegant, stylish, and subtle. They are sold everywhere, and you can find handmade, original pieces online, or necklaces from well-known brands.

Solar system necklaces sound as though they could be hard to style, but these pieces are incredibly versatile and can be worn with a multitude of outfits and other jewelry accessories. Firstly, depending on the color of your necklace and whether it is a clean silver, or a warm gold, or rose gold shade, you can mix and match different pieces. A rose gold space necklace can look great with yellow gold star earrings.

When it comes to outfits, space jewelry doesn't just have to be for fancy dress. A solar system necklace may sound a little bit over the top and like a statement piece. However, at Trending Silver Gifts, our planetary-inspired necklaces are sophisticated and designed for women who like to add a little sparkle to their outfit, without trying too hard.

Our Galaxy Collection features many products, including a solar system necklace. This piece makes use of precious gemstones and pearls that represent each planet. The piece is made for confident and stylish women who like to wear jewelry with meaning.

If you want to buy a piece of jewelry that is associated with the planets, then check out of the online shop to see all of our products. Whether you're buying something for yourself, or a friend, we have a range of items that will make any woman feel incredible when she is wearing them.

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