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What are the simple steps to identify real gold and silver jewelry?

21/03/2022 | Trending Silver Gifts

How can you tell if a piece of jewellery is gold or silver? What should you watch out for? There are marks on jewellery. The hallmark is the'sign' that you're buying real jewellery made in precious metal, not just plated or coloured gold or silver. One of the first things to do after falling in love with a precious piece of jewellery is to find the carat stamp to make sure it really is a precious piece of jewellery made to last. The term "carat" is a measurement of diamond and gemstone weight. "Carat" is a measurement for precious metals. The softer and more expensive solid or real gold will be more expensive if it contains more pure gold. The yellow gold content in the metal can be seen by the marks on the cts. The proportion of fine gold to the other metals is measured. White, pink or rose gold can be created in 9ct, 10ct, 14ct, 18ct and 22ct. The price of 9ct gold is less than the price of 18ct gold. What are they? The symbol is stamped 9ct and it is 37.5% Pure Gold. The symbol is 417 and the gold is 41.7% pure. The 14ct Gold is 58.5% Pure Gold and the symbol is 585. The 18ct Gold is 75% Pure Gold and the symbol is 750. You can find a maker's mark or hallmark on a piece of jewellery if you know who made it. What are the stamps used for jewelry? There is a stamped mark or hallmark for sterling silver. The standard for sterling silver is 925, which means that the item is at least 92.5% silver mixed with copper to give it strength. Marks on............. sterling silver and fine silver have even higher content and are marked.999. Where do you find stamps on jewellery? After the jewellery has been made, stamps are added to it. As it is important not to ruin the look of the jewellery, the stamp will usually be found in a discreet spot, such as inside a ring or bangle or on the back of a pendant or clasp. On tiny pieces of jewellery, such as sterling silver and solid gold charms, stamps may be on the soldered loop attached to the charm. The stamp can be found on the bail or loop at the top of a small pendant to make sure the look and integrity of the jewellery is protected. You may need magnifying glasses if the jewellery is larger than the stamp. How can you tell if the jewellery stamps are real? The old advice is the best. Buy from a reliable dealer. It's more important for their reputation than it is for them to sell anything that isn't real gold or real silver.

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